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In two simple steps, you can be drinking coffee that is 100 times better than what you currently drink: grind fresh beans and use a manual brewer such as a French Press or a Pour-Over.  It’s that easy.

The hardest part of this process is accepting that brewing a cup of coffee will take a little longer.  This may sound blasphemous in a society where the one-cup brewer is king, but with a small expenditure of time you will have a superior product.  The best part is you don’t even have to replace your one-cup brewer if that’s what you prefer to use, because using even one of our steps (namely grinding fresh beans) will still result in much better coffee.

Once you have made this leap, there are a number of ways to fine-tune your brewing methods and a seemingly infinite combination of ingredients to create your perfect cup.  We’ll discuss types of coffee beans, flavored syrups, sugars and sugar substitutes, milks and creams, coffee filters, and a number of other topics.  But don’t worry about that yet.  We’ll take it slow.  We’ll intersperse the learning with entertainment.  We’ll enjoy the process.  That’s why we’re here.

To guide you along the path to your perfect cup.

The Grind Brew Love Team

Anthony J. Rapino is a horror writer, English professor, Halloween aficionado, beer brewer, and coffee lover.  When approached by his brother, Michael, to partner on Grind Brew Love, his first question was, “Who are you?”After a brief readjustment to reality, Anthony agreed to become co-founder and head writer under one condition: free pizza.  Michael did not agree to the terms.  Anthony then requested his office be lined with beaver hides to, as he put it, “Shield me from the probing eyes of Hiklothial, the elder god of online flame wars.”   Again, Michael refused.  His final demand was quickly forgotten as Michael unveiled a shiny bobble dangling from a string.Anthony agreed to work for Grind Brew Love immediately.Preferred brewing method:  French Press with a side of ChemexTakes his coffee:  BlackFavorite single origin:  Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Interested in Anthony’s other projects?  (The horror, the horror!)  You can find his published work through www.AnthonyJRapino.com.  Follow him on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube .

michael mug shot
Michael Rapino is the other half of the Grind Brew Love dream team. As co-founder and creative director, he keeps his brother on a pretty short leash. First it was requests for free pizza, escalating to an unhealthy desire to line his office with beaver hides. Let’s just say he doesn’t let Anthony drink three carafes of coffee a day anymore.Michael is also the founder and creative director of a web development company. When he is not making the web a better place, Michael enjoys spending time with his animals. A quirky hound dog keeps him fit, two office rabbits keep him company, and two mischievous felines keep him guessing. A patron of the arts, Michael has a knack for picking up new ways to express himself. He is classically trained as a painter, fancies himself a passable storyteller, and enjoys developing his ukulele skills.Preferred brewing method:  French Press

Takes his coffee:  Demerara (raw) sugar and cream

Favorite single origin:  Medium roasted Ethiopian Harar

Michael’s web development company is Mediastead, LLC. You can learn more about Mediastead on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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