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Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk collects articles that discuss coffee.

I may be guilty of stating the obvious, but there you have it.  Unlike The Path, which features the educational and informative, Coffee Talk is pure entertainment.  This is where I’ll let my inner storyteller out for a jaunty stroll.  He’s a foolhardy rapscallion, that one.  He’ll meander about, boasting of unlikely experiences he believes allude to some greater meaning.  Even so, I’ll allow him this freedom, since reining in my storyteller causes indigestion.

Coffee Talk collects articles that do not discuss coffee.

It’s true.  Sometimes these articles will have little connection to coffee.  That’s why I like the title Coffee Talk so much (besides its connection to the old Saturday Night Live skit).  It can mean “talking about coffee,” but it also refers to topics you discuss over coffee.  You’ll find both here.

Let’s talk coffee. (Or not).


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