Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea?

coffee or tea?I’ve been sick for the past few days, and a strange phenomenon–one which I have observed in the past–has again occurred.  I switched from my beloved coffee to tea.  This confession gives me pause.  I am, after all, writing for a coffee website.  One that I myself had a hand in creating.  And here I sit, announcing to my readership that I have forsaken the holiest of holies for–tea.  Certainly someone is sneaking up behind me as I type, ready to secret me away to some hidden cave in the Appalachian Mountains where I will undergo stringent reprogramming.  Either that or my fever has risen and I’m hallucinating again.

Besides, is it really that big of a deal?  Can’t one enjoy both coffee and tea?  Surely I have spent long months experimenting with different whole-leaf varieties, toying with water temperature and steeping times, enjoying with honey and without.  In that way, tea has a lot in common with coffee.

Beyond what we drink, there’s also the deeper meaning, that underlying theme that runs through Grind Brew Love like a thread, stitching everything together.  Enjoyment.  Relaxation.  Contentment.  Unwinding after a long day, or preparing for a long day with a meditative moment.  Whether we use coffee or tea as the impetus for such occasions, it does not matter.

Which brings us full circle to my being sick.  For one reason or another, sickness has become intricately tied to tea.  Perhaps it’s because I drank tea while sick so often that the two are now connected forever, or maybe it’s because tea offers medicinal blends to help when you’re sick (my favorite is Echinacea with raw honey).  Discerning the rationale is of little importance though, because I know that if I’m feeling under the weather, a nice cup of herbal tea will help me transcend that state.  Whether or not the medicinal properties of the tea assist in my recuperation, I do not know.  What I do know is that I feel better.

I am content.

What’s your favorite beverage when you are sick?