The Black Box

Q:  What is The Black Box?

A:  It is a “mystery box” filled with coffee and other coffee-themed items.

Q:  So it’s like a coffee of the month club?

A:  Not exactly.  While we will always include fresh, whole bean coffee in the box, there will be many other products as well.

Q:  What kind of products?

A:  Candy, mugs, apparel, brewing accessories, coffee scented items, and so much more.  The rule of thumb is that for it to be in The Black Box, it should have some connection to coffee.  (Though we may break this rule every now and then if we find something amazing we know you’ll love).  If we say much more, we may ruin the mystery.

Q:  How long will it take to arrive?

A:  To ensure the freshest possible coffee, we will use a preorder period prior to shipping.  The preorder period starts as soon as the last box has shipped (or in the case of our first box, on launch day).  For whatever “month” the box is, we shoot for the first week of that month.  For example, if you order the “April” box (even if it is ordered in early March), you will receive the box around the first week of April.

Q:   What kind of coffee will you send?

A:  We are partnering with many amazing roasters from around the country to bring you the best in fresh roasted beans.  Each month we will choose one “roaster of the month,” and we will order a variety of their offerings to include in the boxes.  That means not everyone will receive the same type of coffee.

Q:  Why does The Black Box cost $28.99 + $5.99 S&H when other mystery boxes cost no more than $25?

A:  This simple answer is that good coffee is expensive.  The retail value of the coffee we will provide in the box ranges from $11 to $18 a bag.  Our very first priority in this endeavor is to make sure the customer is happy.  If we tried to adhere to a $20 mystery box, the quality would suffer greatly.  For a few extra dollars, we can ensure the best and freshest coffee in the country, PLUS amazing and fun products.  You will not be disappointed.

Q:  Will there always be coffee in the box, and how much coffee will we get?

A:  Yes, there will always be coffee!  The weight and number of varieties will differ, but there will always be one full retail bag (retail bag sizes range from 12 ounces to 16 ounces).

Q:  Again…is this worth it?

A:  Oh, I get it.  If you spend $28.99 on the box, how much will the contents be worth?  The easy answer is “more than you paid for it.”  We strive to make everyone happy, and with that goal, we want The Black Box to be well worth the buy-in price.  Simply put, if you try to buy all the products you find in the box separately, it will cost more than what you paid for The Black Box.

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