How To Brew Coffee With Chemex

How to Brew Coffee With Chemex (Pour Over Brewers)

Learn how to brew the perfect pot of coffee with a Chemex or any other pour over coffee maker by following these simple steps.

  1. Heat your water in your tea kettle…now your coffee kettle!
  2. TIP:  Either measure out the exact amount of water you’ll need (the capacity of your Chemex), or place the Chemex on a digital scale, tare, and stop adding water when the scale reads whatever your Chemex’s water capacity is.
  3. While your water heats, measure one scoop/Tablespoon of whole beans per cup of water.  If you have a scale you can weigh out 8 grams of coffee per 5 ounce cup.
  4. Grind your beans.  Shoot for a medium grind.
  5. Place a filter in your Chemex and pour about 1 cup of water through the filter, making sure to wet the entire thing.  (This preheats the Chemex and also extracts some of the paper flavor from the filter).
  6. Pour your coffee into the filter.
  7. Saturate the coffee until it is just wet (but does not begin to drip) and “blooms.”  Coffee will only bloom if fresh.  (Now’s a good time to inhale the wonderful aroma of your coffee).  Let sit for 1 minute.
  8. Begin to gently pour water over the coffee, working in a spiral, going from the outermost to innermost area.  Do not fill to the top of the Chemex.
  9. Let some water drip through, then continue pouring water in the same manner, until you reach capacity.
  10. Once the water has finished filtering through the grounds, remove the filter, pour, and enjoy.
  11. TIP:  To keep the coffee hot, pour remainder into an insulated carafe or thermos.

Not sure what coffee equipment you need?  Find out on our Required Coffee Equipment page.

How to Brew Coffee with a Chemex