How To Brew Coffee With French Press

How to Brew Coffee With French Press

Follow these simple steps to learn how to brew coffee with your French Press.

  1. Heat your water in your tea kettle…now your coffee kettle!
  2. While your water heats, measure one scoop/Tablespoon of whole beans per cup of water.  If you have a scale you can weigh out 8 grams of coffee per 5 ounce cup (48 grams for a 6-cup French Press).
  3. Grind your beans.  Shoot for a medium/coarse grind.
  4. Pour some hot water into your clean French Press and push the plunger up and down to preheat the press.  Discard of rinse water.
  5. Pour the grinds into your press.
  6. Saturate the coffee until it is just wet and “blooms” (expands from release of CO2).  Coffee will only bloom if fresh.  (Now’s a good time to inhale the wonderful aroma of your coffee).  Let sit for 1 minute.
  7. Fill the press with water until you reach near the top, being careful not to overfill.  You can cover the press with the lid at this point as well, to retain the heat.
  8. Give a stir with a chopstick (optional).
  9. Let coffee steep for 3 minutes.
  10. Press the plunger down.
  11. Pour and enjoy!
  12. TIP:  Don’t leave the coffee in the French Press, as it can over extract and get cold.  Pour remainder into a carafe or thermos.

Discover helpful tips to help you brew coffee with your French Press.

How to Brew Coffee with French Press