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Coffee. That most coveted of elixirs.

When you crave it, only an IV drip of black gold and your favorite comfy-spot will do. Then, after a long and sensuous sip of your perfect cup of coffee, a change occurs. You suddenly have the urge to scream from the rooftops. The world must know. You send out a mass email, and tweet, and pin to your heart’s content.

But something is missing.

Sharing your mugshot on Grind Brew Love is the itch that needs scratching. So the next time your coffee tickles you, go on and scratch: Capture your delight with a photo and share it with the Grind Brew Love community!

In addition to sharing your mugshot, we will hold bi-monthly, themed photo contests wherein one lucky beanhead will win Grind Brew Love swag.

User Tips:

  • Click on any picture to enter the gallery.
  • Click the comment bubble icon to comment on pictures in the gallery.
  • Click the “info” icon to view picture descriptions.

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