Biscotti makes a perfect coffee accompaniment

Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning CoffeeI like making things from scratch.  I’m the type of person that pushes the pancake mix out of the way so I can reach the flour and baking powder.  I’m the type of guy that will eschew packaged cookies for fresh-baked biscotti.  I’m the man digging around his backyard, planting tomatoes and herbs.  It all feels like Sunday morning coffee to me.

These activities, these processes.  Most people consider them time wasters.  Why make your own pancake batter when there’s an instant mix available?  Why grow vegetables when there’s a supermarket?

The mistake people make is this: These undertakings don’t waste the day, they make the most of your day.  Instead of spending an hour blindly surfing the internet, you could have a bowl of dough rising for homemade bread.  In the two hours you spend channel surfing, you could have a brand new herb garden on your front porch.

I’m searching for that Sunday morning feeling every day, and it starts with grinding fresh coffee for your breakfast brew.

Sunday Morning coffee

Yes, Grind Brew Love is the path to your perfect cup of coffee, but it’s so much more than that.  We started this website not only because it will help you discover great coffee but because it’s also the start of a grand journey.  A pilgrimage that will take you in search of a perfect day.  A day filled with memories, reflection, and shared experiences.  Those days are waiting; you just have to find them.

Let’s make every morning a Sunday morning.